The Voyager's Little Brother


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USB Charging Multi-layer Storage
Water-Resistant Tearproof Material
Extra Secure Laptop Pocket Large Capacity
Travelling Strap 15.6" Laptop Pocket
Card Holder 180° Opening

The Voyager's Little Brother

Part of The Voyager Bags, this is the second of two backpacks, the smaller one (normal sized backpack). We call it The Voyager's Little Brother. The Voyager is a large backpack especially for travelling and when you need to take many things with you. We also have The Voyager Shoulder Bag, which is designed with the same style as other Voyager bags, but it's smaller, and a Shoulder Bag.

Why this backpack?

The Voyager's Little Brother doesn't only look absolutely amazing, but also works perfectly as a backpack. We didn't only use the highest possible quality materials that will last for a long time, but we also made sure that the design works on every situation, for everyone. We have a long experience on designing backpacks, and The Voyager backpacks truly showcases all our skills on the industry.

Attention to details

There are many small details, that all together makes this backpack so great. Instead of just starting to design a new backpack, we instead asked what are some common problems with other backpacks. After the research, we had many great ideas how The Voyager backpacks will be different, and better.

Unisex, for both Men & Women

The Voyager series is collection of Unisex designs. Men, boys, women, girls and anyone else can wear The Voyager bags and look stunning in them. With the casual and clean design we made it possible that you can wear these bags at any situation, with any clothes and still rock the look.

USB Charging

All Voyager bags has an USB charging available. Easily connect your power bank with a cable inside, and charge your phone, tablet or any other device on the go. We have made sure that the USB ports are the highest quality as possible, and will last in active use.

Keeps drinks cold & hot

We have created an unique pocket in the side of the backpack that will keep your drinks cold or hot. This thermostatic pocket is great to keep your drinks & food cold during a hot summer travels. Travelling in cold? No problem, the pocket also keeps your warm drink & food warm for a long time.

    Technical Specification

    Main material: PVC
    Lining material: Polyester


    Width: 32 cm / 11,8 in
    Height: 48 cm / 18,8 in
    Thickness: 15 cm / 5,9 in

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